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Why Do We Keep Pigeons?

There are many reasons why we keep pigeons. Some people breed them for food, while others would breed them for sport, and some people would keep them as pets.


Pigeons have been around mankind for thousands of years. Since mankind developed certain strains and breeds of pigeons to suit their fancy, some variety of pigeons may look quite strange to someone who is not a fancier. For example, there are racing/homing pigeons, (this type of pigeon is the athlete of all pigeons.


They can cover hundreds of miles in a day, and some of them are sprinters.) then there are rollers, tumblers, ( these are pigeons that do acrobatic stunts while in the air.) 

Whatever the reason for keeping pigeons, there is one thing we all have in common - we just love them.

Of course, there are those who despise pigeons and would have nothing to do with them. You can breed them, toss them or just watch them fly around your home, whatever you do, just have fun with your pigeons.


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