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Why Do We Keep Pigeons?

There are several reasons why people keep pigeons. Because they require little maintenance and are simple to train to go home again, some people keep them as pets. Some people maintain pigeons for racing or flying, among other sports. In falconry, where pigeons are trained to fly in a way that draws predatory birds like falcons, who are subsequently hunted by humans, pigeons are also frequently utilized. Pigeons have also been used as messenger birds throughout history, and some individuals still maintain them for this purpose. Finally, some individuals simply find pigeons to be fascinating and attractive birds and like observing and engaging with them.


The use of homing pigeons, also known as rock doves or Columba Livia, for food, communication, and racing dates back hundreds of years. Ancient civilizations including the Persians, Greeks, and Romans were among the first to teach homing pigeons to return home from far-off places. Homing pigeons have really been employed for military communication since the Roman Empire, in fact. Homing pigeons were widely utilized for communication in the 19th and early 20th centuries, especially during wartime when other means of communication were unreliable. Homing pigeons are still raced in today's world, and some fans keep them as pets.


Long-distance communication has been facilitated for millennia by the employment of homing pigeons, also referred to as rock doves. Homing pigeons were utilized for message delivery by the ancient Greeks, Persians, and Romans. During World War I, birds were even used in the trenches to carry crucial information.


Even when travelling over great distances and across new areas, homing pigeons are remarkably adept at locating their way home. Training your pigeons is quite easy. They have an incredibly strong sense of direction and are able to navigate by using the earth's magnetic field. Homing pigeons are trained to return to their home loft from a specified position, and by releasing them from that area and rewarding them, they can be trained to fly to a certain destination.



One of my 2017 yearling cock. A Stassart based strain.


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